iPlex came into existence in 2009 and has continuously grown ever since.

The concept for iPlex was initially conceived in a basement in Canada, marking the beginning of a journey aimed at establishing a significant presence in Pakistan. Recognizing the vast potential in this region, the company has successfully expanded its operations. Currently, iPlex boasts a workforce of over 150 employees, spread across more than five locations, showcasing its remarkable growth and commitment to unmatched excellence.



We're an open book — to ourselves, to each other and to our Partners/Clients

Among ourselves

Transparency in our organization enhances employee engagement and fosters a deeper understanding of our existing talent. We use this insight to support their professional growth and development.

Toward's others

Transparency towards our partner/client builds trust and fosters stronger relationships. Through this, we set open communication and a collaborative work environment for our customers.



Always set Goals (Big or Small) — Have something to show for at the end of the day

Business goals

Establishing clear goals and expectations is an integral part of our development process. No objective is beyond our reach, and we always create a strategic plan for every challenge.

Project goals

Achieving project success requires two key elements: understanding the end goal and breaking it down into manageable checkpoints. Progressing one step at a time is more effective than taking a leap of faith.



Strive for Excellence — If you have something that isn't the best, MAKE it the best

Best for Us

At iPlex we have some of the best talent that the market has to offer. But it wasn't always like that, we're constantly looking for ways to improve and upgrade when we're not too busy helping our clients do so. There is alwasys room for Improvement and WE WELCOME IT!

Best for our Clients

We take on each project as if it were our own. From the very start of the project to the final deployment, we strive for excellence and achieve goals.



Treat yourself for a job well done — We believe that a little appreciation goes a long way

Work Hard

When the going get's tough, the tough get going. Creating a great product/Project takes alot of Hard work, so when we're working we make sure that we're Working Hard.

Play Hard

Often times, after achieving goals and hitting targets, we like to let loose and have a little fun. We do so by hosting tons of great activities throughout the year!

Passion Drives Our Success

Project Planning
Having Fun!

How Do We Ease Life's Challenges for Everyone?

We get together and gather requirements of the product and get a clear idea of what you're looking for.We conduct a meeting to collect product requirements, gaining a clear vision of your needs.

Our skilled design team creates a pixel-perfect visual representation of your product.

Based on the product requirements, we strategize and build a specialized team for the development process.

The project is sent to our Quality Analysis team, who tests for bugs and regressions while adhering to the latest standards.

Once our Partner/Client's satisfied, we deploy the website for the audience.

Certainly, our commitment doesn't end there. We offer continuous support, security, and maintenance to keep your project up-to-date.


Explore our culture
A few nice things our partners have said for us

As an entrepreneur, the support I was offered was of high quality. I will not hesitate to call on them again in the future.


Entrepreneur CEO of Youstiti

123As an entrepreneur, the support I was offered was of high quality. I will not hesitate to call on them again in the future.


Entrepreneur CEO of Youstiti

456As an entrepreneur, the support I was offered was of high quality. I will not hesitate to call on them again in the future.


Entrepreneur CEO of Youstiti

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions that are not listed here, send them to us via email.

  • How can I get started with your services?

    To begin, simply contact us through our website or contact number. Our team will discuss your requirements and provide a detailed project proposal. Once you approve the proposal, we'll commence the development process, keeping you informed at every step.

  • What industries do you cater to?

    We serve various industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, and education. With advanced expertise, we understand the unique needs of each industry and deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific business objectives.

  • Can you handle custom software development?

    Yes, we specialize in creating tailor-made software solutions for you. Our team of skilled developers excels at understanding your business needs and providing robust software applications that align perfectly with your vision.

  • How long does a typical project take?

    Project timelines vary depending on the complexity and scope. During our initial discussions, we'll provide you with an estimated timeline for your project. Rest assured, we work efficiently to deliver high-quality results within the agreed-upon timeframe.

  • Do you offer ongoing support after development?

    Yes, we provide continuous support and maintenance for your projects. Our dedicated support team will be available to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure the smooth functioning of your software.

  • What sets your team apart from others?

    Our team stands out due to our expertise, dedication, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize clear communication, innovative problem-solving, and a deep understanding of your business goals to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

  • How do I request a quote for my project?

    Simply fill out our online form with your project details, and we'll respond promptly. Our team will review your requirements, analyze the scope, and provide a detailed quote outlining the project's cost and timeline.

Let's design something special

If it feels like we're a good match, but you still have questions about our work process, we can give you a free one-week trial working with one of our designers.

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