Are there chances of efficiency in the current infrastructure?

Defines the overall IT goals, organization and system components needed to support long-term business requirements

Things Architects Can Do

We plan technology direction and set technology standards. We help you figure out which technologies you should support. Assessing how well a plan aligns with current direction and desired future positions. We also identify opportunities to reuse components and services and review your business processes.

Benefits of Architect Review

Identifying potential risks in the proposed architecture is very important. Assess your quality attributes, reducing project costs, uncovering problems, and conflicts in requirements, opening new communication channels among stakeholders and identifying skills required to implement the proposed architecture.

How we conduct IT Architect Reviews

We define business goals and objectives. Identify your existing IT and systems infrastructure environment and the architectural framework (layers) for developing and connecting system components. Review and identify gaps between architecture characteristics / attributes and business requirements.

Providing a coherent description of the system

We align your technology plans with enterprise goals, business plans and business processes

A clear defined outcome is very important for an Architectural Review, you need to identify in beginning as what are the deliverables for the project. The outcome of an architectural review is:

  • A detailed Architecture Review Document: This contains very detailed information on the points observed from the system, what are the recommendations and mitigation
  • An Executive document describing and mapping the business goals with the technical analysis and a future roadmap for the Infrastructure as well as a summary presentation

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